Private Preschool Little Einstein

Gdynia PPNT

'It is during play time that a child always behaves beyond their age, beyond their everyday behaviour, they are creative.' Lev Vygotsky


We invite children between three and seven years of age to join our preschool.

Methods of Work

TOC Tools

We use tools for critical thinking in our daily tasks. They help children think in a ‘cause-and-effect’ way as well as remember ideas through understanding.


These are classes that develop skills of concentration and relaxation. Through breathing exercises children learn to control their emotions. We also focus on self-control, strengthening muscles and relieving tension and stress.

The Key to Learning

The Key to Learning is a programme developing skills of self-learning. Through creative playing a child learns how to think independently and search for imaginative solutions to problems.

Educational projects

Project work is closely connected with children’s areas of interest. During project work we become researchers who explore the cosmos and search for answers.

Lego Education

Lego blocks have been a hit among children for many years. Today, they are also used in education. Lego in Education is a programme for children in kindergarten.

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Methods Of Work