Private Nursery Little Einstein


'It is during play time that a child always behaves beyond their age, beyond their everyday behaviour, they are creative.' Lev Vygotsky


We invite children between three and seven years of age to join our preschool.
Our nursery's mission is to create a safe place for the youngest children. Fantastic carers, friendly surroundings and home-made food will make your children feel at home while you, dear parent, can go to work free from worry about your little one. Our nursery is a space that is well-equipped and adapted for the needs of the little ones. Big, bright rooms, interesting teaching tools and a playground outside aid our youngest ones in their development. We support parents in the process of bringing up their children to become open and self-sufficient young people. We provide them with conditions for individual growth and give them a lot of space for expanding creative thinking. We also offer psychological and therapeutic help as well as consultations with a speech therapist.