Daily Plan


  • morning greetings
  • constructing, sound-mimicking, hands-on activities
  • games and activities supporting children's development


  • hygiene before breakfast
  • breakfast (building the habit of the correct meal consumption)
  • general development activities (e.g.: connected with movement, rhythm and art)
  • games and activities outside (e.g.: walks, playing on the playground or in the garden)


  • lunch - soup
  • quiet time - after lunch relaxation (listening to music, storytelling, nap time)
  • after-nap hygiene time


  • lunch - main meal
  • games and activities in the common room
  • games and activities outside


  • teatime
  • various leisure activities, e.g.: games involving movement, puzzles, drawing, reading stories, poems, rhymes
  • children are collected by their parents to go home

We invite children born in 2020 and 2021 to join our nursery. Recruitment documents can be downloaded from our CONTACT tab.